Gustavo Mahn, Painter, Photographer and Sketcher


Gustavo Mahn ,a dentist by profession and an aspiring artist, is originally from Chile. He has been living in Chapel Hill for approximately 3 years. 

His interest in art began during his high school years. From then on, he took elective courses at the University of Chile and with local artists in the city of Viña del Mar during the summertime. 

He has done local exhibits focusing on his watercolor paintings, drawings, urban sketches and photography.

Here to see some of Gustavo's art.


Judith Maier, Painter and sculptor


As a young child, Judith Maier grew up in Brooklyn. Her family frequently visited her Grandmother Rosie, who lived in a tiny ivy-covered cottage in Brighton Beach, just blocks away from Coney Island. 

There Judith explored the ocean, the boardwalk, amusement park rides and Friday night fireworks. It was  magical. The cornucopia of colors, faces, music, and exhilarating rides fascinated her. 

Along with her love of fairytales, puppet shows, the ballet and circuses, these experiences stirred Judith’s imagination and inspire her sculptural work today.

“For me, my figures have a life of their own and making them gives me great joy. I want to share this with the viewer and spark their imagination, enabling them to have a personal, enchanted relationship with these companions.”


Judith uses ceramic paper clay for her figures. First, she draws them with all their details and unique traits. Next, she determines how to engineer the piece and does a diagram of the structure, sometimes making a small model to see where there might be challenges to work out. 

As the personality of the figure emerges, Judith decides on textures, finishes and a color palette. Before firing in the kiln, she applies underglazes, terra sig and slips. She frequently follows up after the final firing with cold finishes such as acrylic paints and inks. 

“As an artist I want to explore the creation of characters that delight, intrigue and celebrate the human spirit.”

Judith Maier, local artist and sculptor, holding two of her ceramic companions

Judith Maier, local artist and sculptor, holding two of her ceramic companions 

Joseph Mareka, Woodcarver, Jeweler, Flute-maker, Craftsman

Joseph Mareka's passion is inspired by Native American culture  and the natural world.  

"I enjoy enjoy using natural materials in my art work. I collect raw items from forests, soil, rocks, minerals, ocean and rivers for parts of my projects.  Other items I grow in a garden."

Stop by the Gallery to see joseph's Native-American-style flutes, dreamcatchers and jewelry fashioned from quahog clam shells, and carvings.

Here to see examples of Joseph's work.


Joseph Mareka, local woodcarver, flute maker, jeweler, and craftsperson

Carol McCanna



Carol McCanna,local artist working in multiple mediums

Joseph Parrish, Digital Artist

 Joe Parrish is a UNC Alumnus, originally from Timberlake, NC, where he met the Knoxes, who lived across the street from him.  

He currently works as a legal assistant at and Hatley Law Office in Chapel Hill and serves as the chairman of the Board of Adjustment, a judicial body for the Town of Chapel Hill. Active in the Democratic Party, he ran for North Carolina House of Representatives District 2 in 2016 and again for District 56 in 2020. 

In his free time, he enjoys playing video games and making art on MS Paint, some of which is featured at the gallery.

Here to see examples of Joe's work.


Joe Parrish, local digital artist

Jacqueline Rimmler, Mixed Media Artist

Jacqueline Rimmler is a self-taught artist who has lived in the Durham area since 1987 and recently moved out to her farm in Cedar Grove. There, she is kept company by her husband, 3 cats, 2 dogs, and 3 horses, who provide plenty of inspiration.

Starting early on with oils and acrylics, Jackie has become a multi-media artist interested in incorporating recycled materials, including metal,acrylic collage,  wood, and fabric, into her pieces.

In addition to showing her work at the gallery, Jackie enjoys the opportunity to teach various workshops at the Gallery.


"I like to see the art in everything around me and enjoy using everyday objects in unusual ways. I want art to be fun, and for people to feel motivated to try something new."

Here to view some of Jackie's work.


Jacqueline Rimmler, mixed media artist

Lynn Schmoock, Artist Working in Multiple Mediums

Additional Information

Hillsborough resident Lynn Schmoock, works in a wide range of mediums and styles, from pen-and-ink to watercolor and mixed media. She has pursued formal training, including being an art student at the University of Wisconsin and the University of NC, as well as participating in various art classes and workshops. She holds an AA degree in Advertising and Graphic Design from Alamance Community College and a Certificate of Botanical Illustration from the NC Botanical Gardens.

"Creating Art is quality time with me where I can discover more about myself in ways I could not imagine, and learn to appreciate and partake in this miraculous gift of life within and around. I also very much enjoy the process of learning from others and in turn sharing what I have learned."

Here to see some of Lynn's art.


Lynn Schmoock, Hillsborough artist

Nancy Ellen Walker, Artist Working in Multiple Mediums

Nancy Ellen Walker is a former Hillsborough resident. She and her husband recently moved to Tennessee to be closer to an adult child with medical needs.

With her boundless energy, and myriad finely honed skills, Nancy was an early vital contributor to the Gallery. In addition to participating in many of our themed shows, Nancy was the featured solo artist in  All My Children, a showing of Nancy's pictures, with accompanying text, of children from countries all over the world. We have reprints and cards available from that show.

Nancy also taught our first art workshop for adults -- a collage workshop, whose success was followed by other  collage workshops. Nancy also taught a workshop on writing artist statements as part of our series of Hillsborough Artist workshops in collaboration with the Hillsborough Arts Council. 

Here is Nancy's artist statement, written as a poem:

The arch of an eyebrow

        A missing front tooth

               A lifetime of worry

                      etched into leathery skin

                            Each face tells a tale

There is beauty in every one:

           Dark-skinned and fair 

               Abled and challenged

                     Cherubic and gnarled

                            Glitterati and literati

Lives as varied as my media ~ 

       Soft as graphite

               Vibrant as colored pencil

                     Sharp as pen and ink

                            Fickle as watercolor

This is My Portrait of the World:

         195 countries in all ~

               More when borders shift again

                      as they always do

                            Casting lives into chaos


Nancy Ellen Walker, artist and former Hillsborough resident

Sam Williams, Painter and Woodcarver

Sam Williams is a frequent participant in the Gallery’s themed shows, and also maintains a rotating presence of paintings and carvings. 

“I come from a family of tool users. There is a millwright back in there, architects, engineers, educators. I remember watching my dad show me the finer points of using a jack plane or a lathe. Our brand of woodworker is ready to take on a wide range of project using whatever tools are required.

“I would classify my early art background as ‘doodle school,’ and have thought of things as a pen-and-ink guy does. My woodworking ranged through the years through a succession of houses, furniture, stage sets, woodcarvings, and wood sculpture. When I moved here from New Mexico, my personal palette changed from the tan, brown, ochre and orange of the Sonora Desert to our pervasive greens. 

“We live in what remains of the primeval Appalachian forest, and while I miss my jagged New Mexico mountains, I do love the Oaks and Hickories of the outdoor cathedral here. Whenever possible, I prefer to be outdoors. I take inspiration from the things I see on my outings with my Weimaraner, Beady. I appreciate old things that exhibit their character through rust, rot, and adversity.

“For wood sculpture, I search for the shapes that are hidden down in the wood. One recent project started as a 400-pound Oak stump that I dug out of the ground near my house. After removing the clay, stone, dirt, and rotted wood, it is 18-pounds. It has also communicated to me that its name is ‘The Cathedral.’

“For acrylics, my wife suggested I try them to gain appreciation of the different palette here, and to play with different colors.”

Sam frequently attends our opening receptions. Stop by to chat about a range of topics from bluegrass and old cars, to travel and history – and a host of subjects in between!

Here to see some of Sam's paintings and woodcarvings.


Sam Williams, local painter and woodcarver

Barbara K. Younger, Painter and Author

Barbara Younger creates whimsical acrylic paintings for young and old. Each painting tells a bit of a story. The viewer gets to figure out what happens next!  

A new artist, Barbara has sold over 100 paintings in the last two years through galleries, art shows, and her online presence. She teaches art workshops for kids and visits classrooms to share her work. Her “Toys Escaping” series was commissioned by the Orange County Historical Museum. On Bald Head Island, her work is sold at the Nature Conservancy’s gift shop, and she’s a member of the Smith Island Art League.

The author of twenty books for adults and children, Barbara lives in Hillsborough with her husband Cliff.

“I sometimes jump out of bed and begin to paint first thing in the morning, Painting makes me happy. Those who see my work say it makes them happy too.”

Here to see some of Barbara's work.


Barbara K. Younger, local painter and author

Saul Zimet, writer and Artist

Saul Zimet is a local writer and artist who was unschooled as a child and graduated magna cum laude from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2018. He writes essays and creates art that explores unsettled problems of philosophy, history, and economics. If you perceive an inordinate sardine presence in his work, that says more about you than it says about him. 

Here to see some of Saul's artwork.

Saul Zimet

Saul Zimet, local writer and artist