Ashley Armstrong, Artist Working in Multiple Mediums

Ashley Armstrong  (AMA Art) is a new artist from Raleigh, NC. 

She started believing in her talent 14 years ago in her high school art class. Since then and without any additional training or education in art, she has painted and drawn portraits for families and friends close to her, as well as, original works for her portfolio.  

This continued pursuit has developed her skill and confidence with mediums like acrylic, crayons, colored pencils, and much more.  

"I approach my art like a science experiment, full of curiosity, especially when using a new medium. And like any experiment, I learn what works and what doesn’t. "

Here to view some of Ashlely's art

Ashley Armstrong is a local emerging artist.

Ashley Armstrong, local artist working in multiple mediums

Kevin Flynn Bell, painter

 Kevin Flynn Bell is an artist and Illustrator originally born in Durham NC. He currently resides in Hillsborough, NC along with his wife Tracy and their 3 Horses, Bella, Morning Star and Epiphany “Piffy.”

Kevin started drawing at the age of 5 and has not stopped since. He paints and draws any subject matter, but loves children-themed art, fantasy art and horses of course. 

Kevin attended Hillside School and North Carolina Central University where he honed his skills as an artist and was an Art Ed/Graphic Arts Major. NCCU is where he became interested in painting.

 “ My imagination is huge! My art is just a window into my little world, Hope you enjoy the view! "

Here to see some of Kevin's art


Kevin Flynn Bell, local painter and illustrator

Kathy Chang, painter

"Painting lets me tell a story and share what I see in life and my imagination. 

"I’ve enjoyed and appreciated art since my childhood but have only been actively creating these past few years. 

"I'm inspired by the seascapes of my hometown in Keelung, Taiwan, memorable landscapes from my travels, and largely, the woods and flowers of North Carolina, my home these past 23 years. 

"I enjoy using bold and bright colors to share energy in my paintings and often the colors reflect the joy I feel creating the art. 

"I sincerely hope my paintings spark interest and light and happiness to others. "

Here to view some of Kathy's paintings.


Kathy Chang, local painter

Beverly Currence, Stained Glass and photography

 Beverly Currence has lived in the Hillsborough/Chapel Hill area since 1983. 

Beverly started as an amateur photographer in high school, then in the mid-1990s she began working with stained glass. After a few years of learning and experimenting she was hooked! 

Self-taught, she enjoys making a wide variety of items from small suncatchers to small, medium, and large panels, and various sized windows, all using the copper foil technique. 

About 12 years ago she began working with old true divided wooden window sashes (from old houses and other structures), creating stained glass windows to honor and preserve architectural history while creating a unique one-of-a-kind piece that can be hung inside, or bracketed onto a covered porch. 

Recently, she has begun experimenting with making panels that incorporate glass plates and saucers to honor, display, and preserve cherished family china. 

“I love how stained glass allows color and light to completely change a space adding character and a unique focal point to each area. The colors, opaqueness, and texture of glass often change with available light as the sun moves throughout the day. This medium allows unlimited possibilities to explore, honor, preserve, create, and dress up a space!”

Here to view some of Beverly's stained glass.

Beverly V. Currence, local stained glass artist

Beverly V. Currence, local stained glass artist

Michi Doan, Illustrator, Digital Artist

Michi Doan is an illustrator originally from Southern California, currently living in North Carolina, who loves to draw trees and be in her dreamer world. 

She enjoys drawing magic, fantasy, and her own twist to capture the beauty of life. Michi likes to draw and tell stories visually, and explore the unknown in the art. She has a strong passion for visual development and background painting. 

"My goal is to bring joy to people while expanding my ability in storytelling. "

We also look forward to Michi teaching digital painting workshops at the Gallery!

Here to see some of Michi's art.

Michi Doan

Michi Doan, local digital artist

Debi L. Drew, artist working in multiple mediums and art edu


Debi L. Drew is a visual artist and art educator.  She considers her artistic talent God given and strives to do her best in everything she creates.  She received BA degrees in Psychology and Visual Communications.  Both her MA and PhD are in Art Education.  

Realistic drawing/painting, portraiture, abstract painting, pen and ink, ceramics on the wheel and hand building are some of her favorite ways to create.  In 2009 she started experimenting with polymer clay and got hooked! It began with jewelry, 3-D masks and a few mixed media wall hangings.  Since then, statement piece jewelry, larger wall art, boxes and mosaics have been added to her polymer clay list of possibilities.  She also enjoys teaching visual art and polymer clay classes and workshops.

Debi regularly participates in themed shows at the Gallery, and there is always a display of her work in one of the Gallery rooms. She also leads art workshops for adults at the Gallery on subjects that include acrylic pours, fabric art, metal embossing, printmaking, and textual art.

Debi also regularly attends Last Friday art walks and other Gallery special events -- stop by to meet her and her work, and learn about her process and motivation!

Debi L. Drew, local artist and art educator

Debi L. Drew, local artist and art educator

Karin Tilly Dungee, painter working in multiple mediums

Currently a resident of Alamance County, NC, Karin Tilly Dungee  was born and raised in Brazil, "so I was influenced by lots of color. However, I also took a course in classical Japanese painting, which also influences my work, so here we have the ying and the yang.  

"My big love is landscape painting in whatever mode I am working in and I am always looking to improve,  grow, change, learn.  Artists never stop learning, even the teachers and masters and those are the best teachers.  I am mostly self taught. 

"I am fascinated  with what mixing colors can do and a new passion I am trying out, which is working with neutral colors.  Like I said, we never stop, just a bunch of pink bunnies, if you will."

Here to see some of Karin's work.


Karen Tilly Dungee, local painter

Phillip Howard, woodworker


Phillip Howard, local woodworker

Phillip Howard, local woodworker

Joanne Ivey, Papier-Mâché Artist

Joanne Ivey  started out as a painter and turned to papier-mâché over 30 years ago.  She particularly likes working in papier mache because it is a medium that one can do almost anything with, and it is biodegradable.  It is light weight, versatile, easy to repair, and very plastic.  

She also finds papier-mâché provides a great surface to paint on.  

"I am always looking for new sources of inspiration and how I might translate that inspiration into an object."

Here to see examples of Joanne's papier-mâché creations


Joanne Ivey, local papier-mâché artist

Mark Kingsley


Mark Kingsley, local painter and art restorer

David Knox, Photographer and Gallery Co-Owner


David Knox  started taking pictures at a young age. His first camera was a 620 roll film camera. He graduated from Antonelli’s School of Photography with an Associate’s degree. 

David lives in Cedar Grove where he grows the water lilies and other flowers that appear in many of his photographs.

"I like anything that my mind decides is photogenic – most often mechanical things, nature, and occasionally people."

Stop by the Gallery to meet David and talk butterflies, trains and travel, and, of course, photography from dark room to digital.

Here to view some of David's art.

David Knox, local photographer and co-owner of Margaret Lane Gallery

David Knox, local photographer and co-owner of Margaret Lane Gallery

David Xavier Knox, Photographer

David Xavier Knox graduated with a degree in photography from Earlham College. Even before going to Earlham to study photography Xavier always enjoyed taking pictures and capturing the often overlooked beauties of our planet. 

After graduating, Xavier took over Yesterday and Today frameshop. Photography unfortunately was put on the back burner. 

"Although it is hard to find the creative energy after work, one thing that doesn’t rest is the world's beauty which is always around us."

Here to see some of David Xavier's photography.


David Xavier Knox, local photographer